The Lifestyle Metabolic Analyzer Accurately Provides Metabolic and Body Composition Data Please estimate your body fat for demonstration purposes. Basic guidelines healthy range males 11 - 15% Basic guidelines healthy range Males 11 - 15% Healthy range Females 16 - 24%

What size are your meals and snacks?
List at least one or two favorite exercises you are willing to start or are already doing,
such as aerobics, tennis, weight training, walking, cycling, swimming, etc. and which days (recommend 3 days per week minimum).

Most doctors use the default meal plan. We can provide a default meal plan based on your metabolism, lean mass, age, sex, ht, wt & activity level or you can specify what type.

Body Fat Measured by Scales or Hand Held Devices are Not Accurate but we can use this body fat reading for demonstration purposes.

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Re-Think Your Philosophy

If you are convinced that patient compliance is poor using generic diet sheet handouts and you would prefer to provide individualized clinical meal plans, then complete your questionnaire and view our videos.

Whether your focus is with medications, hormones or diet products a Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Program adds credibility and improves long term compliance. Many of our seasoned progressive doctors rely exclusively on our Lifestyle Program rather than medications, hormones and diet products.


No Selling of Diet Products

Focus with Lifestyle Management incorporating healthy supermarket foods

Lifestyle Programs Are Less Costly to Patients, More Profitable to Owners and Market Credibly To Peers and Community

To Learn More Watch Our 3 Min Video!


Lifestyle Nutrition Medical Weight Loss Programs generate and additional $100– 300 K annually without selling products and while improving your patients health.   Typically, one patient per month can cover all costs of the program. A typical start up doctor practice can anticipate a ROI of 2,000%  and mid-size  practices can experience ROI’s of 3000 – 6000%, including new patient referrals.

Will This Program Will Fit My Practice Philosophy and Patient Demographic?

Ideally the best way to clinically and economically evaluate our program is to complete the meal plan questionnaire and schedule a private, interactive, webinar for doctors and any staff members, with our licensed nutritionists We will review your options for becoming a Clinical Reference Site and then you will be able to effectively evaluate our program for your philosophy and patient demographic.

  • Research Validation University Southern California, Published American Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Many Peer Reviewed Journals, Consensus Findings by National Institute of Health Confirming Accuracy and FDA Registered .
  • Provides Significant Cash, Insurance & Medicare Revenues Into Practice With Existing & New Patients With Specific Diagnosis.
  • Can Provide, Cardiac, Diabetic, Glycemic, High Fiber, Paleo, Gluten Free, IBS, Mediterranean, Atkins, Zone, Metabolic Typing, Sports Nutrition, Food Combining, Alkaline, Vegetarian, Pritikin Meal Plans BASED ON YOUR PATIENTS FOOD PREFERENCES .
  • Accurately evaluates body fat, lean body mass, body water, goal weight, and metabolic rate (BMR) – Provides Custom Meal Plans – For Weight Loss, Weight Gain And Weight Maintenance Program.
  • Program Focuses Available Healthy Supermarket Food, No Selling of Diet Products. Lifestyle Programs Are Less Costly to Patients, More Profitable to Owners and Market Credibly To Peers and Community. However, Your Nutritional Products Can be Incorporated into Their Meal Plan as an Option if you desire.